I ran into a mother of 4, the other day, who complained to me that her family intrudes into her personal space and is not supportive of her taking time away for herself!  As a woman, who is also a mother of 4, I couldn’t fathom feeling so busy and overwhelmed that I could not keep scheduled, routine pampering appointments, steal away some time with friends, or enjoy my annual “me-cations”!  Afterall, these are the activities that keep me sane, motivated, and refreshed!

     Unfortunately, not everyone has elevated their mindsets to support and encourage their loved ones to take time to themselves, and not everyone who needs and deserves time to themselves are willing participants in their own quest for peace… and quiet!  If you want to enjoy the right to an escape for a few minutes or a few days, here are a few tips for conditioning your family to get on board:

1.  Explain to your family the importance of time to yourself, the types of activities you will partake in, what you expect from them, and what they can expect from you.  Answer any questions that they may have.

2.  Schedule the time! Visibly place a monthly calendar in the home and note the dates that you have scheduled your time.

3.  Don’t talk about it anymore!  Questions about your activities have already been answered.  Anyone who is probing you for information after that is likely trying to take you on a guilt trip!  Don’t take the trip!  

4.  If guilt is a problem for you, continuously affirm that you are deserving of the time, and that you are better because of it!  Trust me, you will be!

5.  Consistently take the time that you’ve scheduled!  The last thing that you want to do is to schedule time to yourself and not take it!  Your family may never take you seriously, again, and subsequent alone time could be compromised!