Have you decided to ask for what you want in life, or are you willing to just sit on the sidelines and watch other people get what they want?  I’ll admit that asking for what you want can be quite intimidating, especially if you are unsure of exactly what you want, who to ask, or how to ask for it.  However, whether in your professional or personal life, asking for what you want is necessary, in order to LIVE an INcredible life!

I’ve developed three strategies that you help you to P.O.P. the question:

1.  Be Purposeful.  What is the ultimate goal that you are trying to achieve?  You have know what you want and why you want it!  You have to determine how asking your question is going to help you to achieve your goal.  Having this amount of clarity will help you to better articulate your question and to develop the confidence that you’ll need to ask.

2.  Be Optimistic.  If you don’t believe that it will happen, it probably won’t; and if you don’t think that you deserve it, who else will?  A lack of confidence and self-worth breeds the thoughts of negativity that will cause you to believe that the answer to your question will automatically be a “no”.  Since we attract what we think, you have to begin to release those negative perceptions and thoughts of yourself, and begin to affirm that you deserve, can have, and will accept every good thing that you desire.

3. Be Precise. After you’ve determined why you want whatever it is that you’re willing to ask for and that you can and will have it; boldly and clearly state your question.  First, ask for it, in sincerity and with gratitude, in your prayers and mediation; envision that you’ve already received it; and experience, through your feelings and emotions, what it feels like.  Then, if what you want involves asking another person, choose the proper timing and confidently move forward with your question!

Finally, remember that there is absolutely no room for waffling and doubting; and if you’ve followed these strategies and the answer is to your question is still a “no”, the worst that could’ve happened to you, happened!  A “no” brings you one step closer to a “yes”; and the only failure that you’ll ever experience is if you decide to give up!

What question will you P.O.P. today?