The other day, as my children and I were preparing to leave home for the day, I noticed that my youngest daughter had styled her hair into an afro. 

 I said to her, “You’re not leaving your hair that way… At least put on a headband!”

She replied, “Why?!… I combed it and I love it!  You can comb your hair (my hair is processed) and leave the house.  Let my hair be!”

Her response really made me question why her choice of hairstyling bothered me so much!  This caused me to think very deeply about the subject matter.  Exactly what was it, within myself, that made me want to change the hairstyle that she loved?

After some soul searching, I discovered that the culprit was a mindset of conditioning and tradition that was engrained in me during my upbringing!  When I was her age, I was taught to believe that my hairstyle was not considered complete unless my hair had been pressed, braided, put into pig tails, etc.  However, it was perfectly acceptable for people of other cultures or with other hair textures to simply comb their hair and it was considered done.  Therefore, I discovered that the issue was not my daughters hair style, it was my mindset!  

On that date, I decided release myself from those thoughts, judgements, criticisms, and traditions that have, for so long, captivated the minds of those of us born with curly, kinky locks; and it actually made me feel proud that I’m raising a daughter who has enough courage, self-acceptance, and self-love to embrace who she is!  Otherwise, how could I be a consultant who prides herself on supporting people on their journey to LIVE; but not encourage my young, impressionable daughter to do just that?

I want you to begin to think about which traditions, beliefs, or judgements you have continued to hold and have allowed to fester into your soul.  How have they stifled your progress on your journey to Live?  Are you comfortable with continuing with your current mindset, or are you willing to allow yourself to explore other ways of thinking, thus catapulting yourself into greatness and the INcredible life that you deserve?