We’ve just finished celebrating America’s freedom, but I ask you:  have you truly claimed your own personal freedom?  In order to LIVE an INcredible life, you must be willing to accept and operate with great degree of independence over your life!

Are you still entertaining people and unhealthy relationships that you know should have been released from your life long ago?  Are you harboring guilt, unforgiveness, or shame stemming from past life events?  Are you allowing others to dictate how your life should be lived, despite the fact that you believe otherwise?  Are you suffering physically, and allowing your condition to prevent you from experiencing Life, as you’ve always envisioned it?  Are bills and debt causing you to stay in an employment or career situation, which no longer suits you? Are you consumed by your fear of change?

The aforementioned questions were designed to encourage you to think about how you are currently living your life, and to provoke you to decide whether change is necessary.  It’s essentially no one’s decision but your own, and it all starts with your mindset!  If you have a desire to LIVE, and there are obstacles and challenges that you’ve allowed to enter into your life that are preventing you from doing so; you must first decide that change is necessary and exactly how committed you are to changing those aspects of your life!

Which will you choose?   Chaotic relationships or peaceful, harmonious ones?  Past feelings or present blessings?  Other people’s opinions or your soul’s desires?  Suffering or wholeness?  Fear or Faith? Bondage or freedom?